Start Lists IMC at Morton Games

20 July 2015

Dear Athletes

We attach the start lists for this Fridays Meet.

Please think of the athletes for whom we could not find room for at this meet and we ask that If you cannot make the Meet then let us know – email us at irishmilersclub@gmail.com or message us on Facebook

If you are a no show , no notification then you will receive a yellow card which gives us the right to refuse an entry at a future meet of our choosing.

The Timetable for IMC at the Morton games is as follows
6.00 Womens B 800m
6.06 Mens D 800m
6.18 Mens C 800m
6.24 Mens B 800m
6.30 Womens A 800m
7.20 Mens A 800m
8.22 IMC v BMC Mile.

We will send an email out to all competitors giving precise instructions BUT the main message is to get there in plenty of time as there is a CALL room system in operation and you must be in the call room well before the time of each race.
If you are not competing then come out and support not just your fellow athletes but this Meet. This meet will feature many many top class athletes and you will have an exciting evening of three hours of action packed athletics. Dont miss it.

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